10 Yoga Poses to do Everyday

There are a lot of different types of yoga and a lot of different poses. All of them have their benefits and their purposes, and it can be difficult to decide what to do when you are trying to set up a practice in your own home. When you are just starting out or developing a helpful everyday routine, there are a number of poses that can improve your physical and mental conditioning. Here are the top eight poses that you should be doing every day to help you feel great and get the most from your yoga routine.

Bridge pose

Everyone knows about the benefits of this pose for increasing core strength and toning every muscle in the body. For this pose, hold your body in a push-up position with your weight on your toes and hands.

Cat/Cow pose

This pose stretches out the spine and reduces tension in the entire back. On your hands and knees, first, tuck your head under and round your back up towards the sky, then return to a neutral position, and finally pull your shoulder blades in and curve your back towards the floor.

The Triangle pose

To loosen your back and sides as well as your leg muscles, make sure the Triangle is a part of your everyday routine. With your legs about four feet apart, turn your front foot out and your back foot in slightly, hold your arms out to the sides and then hinge forward at the hips, moving your upper body over the front foot. When you can’t go any farther drop your bottom hand to the floor and reach the top towards the ceiling.

Upwards facing Dog/Cobra

Great for relaxing and stretching the muscles in the lower back. On your stomach, push up with your hands into a backbend. You can lift only the upper body off the floor, or lift the lower body as well so that only the tops of your feet rest on the mat.

Standing side bend

For stretching the arm and down the side of the body and building strength in those areas as well. Extend one arm above your head and lean over as far as you can without falling or causing pain.

Downward Dog

An incredibly intense pose that builds strength and flexibility in the entire body. From your hands and knees, push your butt up towards the ceiling. Use the muscles in your thighs to pull your body back and try to lower your heels to the ground. You should form the top of a triangle.

Crescent Lunge

Do a standing lunge, keeping your legs about hip-distance apart. Rise onto the balls of the back foot, bend the front leg and extend your arms overhead. Great for opening the hips and strengthening the leg muscles.

Open leg bend

To stretch the spine and the insides of the legs, anchor your legs about four feet apart with your feet facing forwards. Hinge forward at the hips and try to put your head on the ground. Great on those days when your lower back is tight.

These are several great poses that will increase your strength, improve flexibility and make you feel great. Add them to your daily routine to get the most from your yoga practice.

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