A Career in Yoga: Basic Facts You Will Need to Keep in Mind – Part II

Attaining a Livable Income May Be Tough

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median income for yoga trainers and instructors in 2015 was $36,160. That sounds like a job most people would want to have, right? However, this figure should not fool you. Many yoga trainers around the country are struggling to make ends meet.

The reason is simple; having group classes, even as many as 25 in one week may not be enough to cover all expenses and make a profit. This is because of all the bills you will have to pay, licenses, training gear, and all the other factors required to keep a studio running.

Therefore, before you decide to start your own yoga training classes, look at all the possible scenarios, the expenses you need to cover, and the profit you need to make. If covering all of them is not viable at the moment, then consider keeping your day job and running yoga classes on the side. Do this until such a time when you can easily ease off the current job into full time yoga training.

Your Success in Yoga Fully Depends on You

The BLS (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) predicts that careers in yoga will grow by an average of 8% between the years 2014 to 2024. And this is true because, currently, yoga keeps growing in popularity. The challenge is that there are more people graduating from yoga training colleges than there are places where they can work.

This then translates into so many people hunting for jobs in yoga studios, but not enough places to absorb them. The high competition among job seekers has forced employers to up the stakes, thereby requiring more experience and higher qualifications each year.

Since this pace may not slow down any time soon, the success in yoga will depend on personal initiatives. As a yoga trainer you need to appreciate that yoga studios are not the only places where one can teach yoga. You can develop your own classes elsewhere. This could be in youth boot camps, public parks, visiting clients in their homes, in company common rooms, in community centers and so on.

Promoting yourself as a trainer and developing your own niche can also be a good way to build your career. You can also create yoga lessons and record them, then sell them online or as DVDs. You can also develop other materials such as print books or ebooks as an additional source of passive income. Do not just wait to be employed, create your own steady stream of income and, thereby, create opportunities for others.


Be Your Own Committed Boss

Managing your own time seems exciting and interesting. However, when you get to do it yourself, you soon realize how hard it can be. It is too easy to let go when things become challenging. It is also possible to choose the easy path when there is no one to push you around but you.

That is why you have to determine that you will be tough on yourself from the onset. From the moment you decide to pursue yoga as a calling, you need to understand that your dreams fully depend on your determination to achieve them.

Looking at things from this broader perspective helps you to become ready for whatever outcome. It helps you to be fully prepared mentally to undertake any challenge.


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