How to Master the Fish Pose or Matsyasana

The fish pose will open your chest and shoulders. Also, it relieves back tension and stretches your neck area. This asana works miracles when it comes to opening your entire body without stretching it too much. It relaxes your muscles without making them collapse or grasp. Here is what you need to know to perform this pose the proper way.

Before we start, there are certain aspects you must consider during the entire fish pose, as follows:

Place your head crown on the floor.

Keep looking up toward the ceiling the entire time. Still, don’t stretch your neck too much.

Open your chest as much as possible and push it slightly up.

Create a half lotus pose with your legs by crossing them in front.

Steps to Master the Fish Pose

Lie down on your back and keep your legs extended in front. Your arms should be placed in a resting position alongside your body. Palms must face down. Press both elbows as well as forearms into the yoga mat or the floor. Lift your chest up until you create an arch with your torso. Make sure your upper body, as well as your shoulder blades, is lifted off the floor. Tilt your head back as much as you can until the crown is placed on the floor for support. Don’t release the pressure from your forearms and hands. Keep pressing them into the mat. Try to press more with your hands and not so much with your head. 

During the entire pose, try to keep your hips and thighs engaged, tight, active, and energized. Press them outward by pushing your heels into your inner thighs. Maintain the fish pose for at least a couple of minutes. The minimum required holding time is for five breaths.

How to Release the Fish Pose

To come out of the fish pose, you must press more firmly with your forearms into the mat or the floor. This will help you to lift your head back in its normal straight-neck position. Exhale deeply while you lower your torso back on the floor. Bring your knees closer to your chest and keep them there for a little while to relax your spine. Finally, you can extend and straighten your legs for a complete release and rest. 

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Additional Tips

During the entire asana, you should keep your neck relaxed and comfortable although it is a bit extended. Otherwise, you risk injuries. Your legs should be strongly engaged throughout this pose. Your thighs and hips must press firmly into the yoga mat or the floor. This is an effective method that helps you lift your chest up even more. Use your back muscles’ strength, your forearms, and your spine muscles. This way, you will not strain your neck and you will not put a lot of pressure on your head crown.

In Conclusion

If you practice the fish pose on a regular basis, you will soon notice beneficial changes of your body. This asana improves posture and stretches the entire body. Also, by pushing your chest up, you will open your heart chakra which leads to both emotional and physical satisfaction and peace.

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