Three Benefits to an Evening Yoga Practice

Practicing yoga can be particularly beneficial at any time of a day, but an evening yoga practice can offer some unique benefits just before bedtime. If you love a practice that works up a sweat, you might be better off taking the time for a heat-building sequence first thing in the morning. Nighttime yoga routines are best when you can make the most of gentle poses, connecting with the breath, and creating the perfect atmosphere for your impending slumber.

The gentle flow of a nighttime yoga practice might be calling your name just before you turn out the lights each night. What incentive does this type of yoga routine offer?

You will get out the last remains of nervous energy.

Did you have a stressful day at work or did your family irritate you a little more than usual today? Before you head to bed, you may still be feeling jittery and anxious because of all of the interactions you had throughout the day. This nervous energy is stored up throughout your body until it finds some way to be released. An evening yoga practice can be just the thing to expel tension.

Practice a few rounds of sun salutations just to get the energy out of your body so you can rest peacefully in the remainder of a very gentle practice. You will find yourself less stressed as you head to bed, which could mean better dreams and an easier time falling asleep.

You will sleep better.

A nighttime yoga routine is a great tool to help you sleep better through the whole night. As you stretch and prepare your body for slumber, be sure to end your sequence with a long savasana. The state of deep relaxation this promotes can carry over into your sleep, helping you to let go of any anxieties and rest easier.

This may be a great time to incorporate a little meditation into your yoga practice as well. Work through a body scan to uncover any places that need a little more release before you settle in between the sheets.

You can unplug from the screen.

While this does help to promote better sleep, unplugging from the screen just before bed has a ton of benefits. If you’re on your yoga mat for a half hour leading up to bedtime, that’s intentional space away from social media, email, and the incessant nag from work responsibilities. By creating some distance from these items just before going to bed, you’re likely to lower your overall anxiety.

The time away from the screen also means that you are less likely to get caught up in answering messages and emails for hours on end. You’re preserving the precious hours of sleep that your body needs to be able to function the next day.

Nighttime yoga definitely promotes better rest habits, which can lead to more productivity and less stress throughout the day. Consider adding a gentle sequence to your bedtime routine so you can begin reaping the benefits now.

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